Elev8 Dolls Brand Ambassador

How Do You Become An Elev8 Doll Brand Ambassador?

We love that you are thinking of becoming an Elev8 Doll brand ambassador to help us promote the entire Elev8 line of products and ideals, as well as promoting your alternative lifestyle.  We are looking for Elev8 Dolls all around the globe, but we are starting out with this concept in Colorado Springs as this is where we started.

  1. Click the signup button and fill it out.
  2. Get to know Elev8 by coming to a few Elev8 At Home experiences or any one of our First Saturday Events at Elev8 Premier.  The more you come to our events, the more you learn so you can spread the Elev8 way to others.  An Experience is where you will learn all about the Elev8 line of products and how an Elev8 Doll can use to Elev8 product to Elev8 their lives.  Sign up with Elev8 At Home here, you do not need to purchase a ticket, but you do need to schedule the experience.
  3. Sign up for Elev8 University and complete the education.  This is so you know more about our products and industry.
  4. Feel free to come to our First Saturdays to say hi and see some glass being made into art.
  5. Be prepared to join us at events like our 420 party, Heady Halloween party and even going out for pop ups.

Sign Up To Be An Elev8 Doll

What do you earn for being an Elev8 Doll Brand Ambassador?

  • Volunteering to do a Popup for 2 hours will get you learned up on how a pop up works, and how you can enhance the event.
    • You will also know you helped out an Elev8 concierge and that is huge!
  • Volunteering to do a Popup for 4 hours will get you $50 in store credit.
  • Volunteering at an Elev8 Presents event for 4 hours will get you $50 in store credit.

Elev8 Doll Gear

The Elev8 Doll #1 Pendent

The Elev8 Doll #1 pendant is a mark of solidarity to the Elev8 Doll brand.  This is a handcrafted pendant specially designed by Lyric Glass for the woman that wants the world to know she is an Elev8 Doll brand ambassador.  The layering of purple of purple really gives this Elev8 Doll pendant amazing depth.  Lyric wanted to give it some bling, so under UV light the artistic designs will glow pink.
Get Your Elev8 Doll #1 Pendent

The Elev8 Doll #1 Shirt

This is our first Elev8 Doll shirt design.  It really lets the world know you support Elev8 Dolls, and that you are one sexy, Elev8ed woman!!  The silver pin stripping really makes this shirt bling!
Get Your Elev8 Doll #1 Shirt

The Elev8 Doll #2 Shirt

This is our second Elev8 Doll shirt design.  Super fun!  The little bowterflies seem to be flying off the shirt, see if you can bite one!  The back features a hand-drawn Elev8 Doll bowterfly by Gina Ruzz.   This was drawn with the idea of living a higher state of mind, body and spirit.  Give it a look and find all the amazing symbology Elev8 is known for.
Get Your Elev8 Doll #1 Shirt

The Elev8 Doll  Super Surfer Vaporizer

Elev8 Dolls know the benefits of vaporizing and this is the ultimate vaporizer for her.   Helping out with 10 events can more than earn you one of these super dope vaporizers that will keep your breath smelling as sweet as you are.

Get Your Elev8 Doll Super Surfer Vaporizer